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High School Senior Guys – “I’M NOT REALLY THE ‘POSING’ TYPE”

You Senior guys, as well as senior gals, deserve the best senior photos!  It may not be a “guy” thing to do, but choosing a photographer who will capture your best side while staying true to your awesome, laid back self is going to be important to you (maybe not now, but later!) and your family members!  Dreading the “posing” that seems to go hand-in-hand with having senior portraits taken?

Guess what…..You’re not alone!

Every guy I’ve met for their senior portraits brings me at least one reservation about the entire session process.

“I don’t know how to pose…”

“What do I do?…”

“Do I smile? Where do I look?  What do I do with my hands?”

“I don’t know about this…”

Listen, I totally understand your worries about this.  This is probably not how you want to spend a morning or afternoon.  HOWEVER, senior portraits can be cool and laid back; just ask my guy clients.  I take an entirely different approach with guys than I do with girls, while still keeping true to your self and your interests.

1. Guy photo shoots are *typically* shorter.  I say that because I have had the occasional guy who is up for just about anything!

2. No posing involved.  The most “posing” I’d make you do is maybe leaning against something, or putting your thumbs in your pockets.  Maybe holding your foottball a certain way.  Easy…not forced.

3.  I like to hang out.  Thats it…thats what we do.  We may walk around downtown or at a certain location of your choosing.  I’ll find a cool area, tell you to sit, relax, and off we go.

4. No smug face.  Promise.  I’d never ask anyone to do the smug face…no thanks.  Facial expressions may be smiling (yes, we need a few good smiley photos for your mom), or I’ll tell you to relax and look this way or that.  If I can get you to laugh, I may capture a couple in action.

The most important thing for you to do is to relax.  Let me know ahead of time if you have any reservations or concerns.

Senior Sessions “What to wear”

The two most frequently asked questions are “Do you have a make-up artist?” and “What should I wear?” The answer to the first is yes! I have partnered with an awesome salon in Hamburg to provide both hair and makeup for my seniors. The cost is $40 each.

The simple answer to the second question is wear what makes you feel good and feel most like yourself. I usually tell people to avoid busy patterns, clothes with writing (especially big logos like NIKE™ or GAP™ across the chest), bright white (creamy white is ok) and strong red. But, sometimes it’s fun to break all the rules and wear that wild shirt or your most favorite white sweater and that’s ok. We’ll choose different backgrounds or locations for those clothes. Bring lots of clothes to choose from—that way we have a lot to work with for mixing and matching. We probably won’t be able to use everything, though. Please get creative! Bring hats, cool shoes, boots, jackets, jewelry, scarves—you name it! Got an awesome prom dress? Feel free to bring that, too. I love a good prom dress in a grungy or beach location—it’s fun and unexpected. If you’re unsure about something, bring it anyway. Don’t cut your hair! Well, I don’t mean never cut your hair but don’t cut it right before pictures. Plan your session at least 2-3 weeks after a hair cut to give your hair a chance to grow into its new style. Bring props that are meaningful to you. Are you involved in sports? Dance? Cheerleading? Music? We can work with your uniforms or sports equipment—tennis rackets, soccer balls, pompoms, well-loved dance shoes. We want to make your pictures an expression of who you are right now and these activities are part of your identity. Bring your guitar or violin or trumpet—musical instruments are beautifully made and photograph very nicely.

High School Senior Photography New York

I had the pleasure of photographing a sweetheart of a girl who has become one of our newest spokesmodels this week. Alexandria had to be one of the sweetest teens I’ve met yet!  I loved her style and choice of wardrobe for her shoot.  As you can see, she was a natural in front of the camera.  Her laid-back, friendly personality really showed in her images.  Here is a sneak peek of her shoot, more to come!

High School senior photography ny

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